T-5 AdapterThe designation T-? has to do with how many 1/8ths inches diameter the tube is. A T-12 Fluorescent Light is 12/8ths or      1 1/2″ in diameter, a T-8 Fluorescent Light is 8/8ths or 1″ and so on.  T-5 Lighting bulbs are about as big around as the average pinky finger.  Many of the existing buildings still have T-12 & T-8 lighting.

I won’t even try to explain this next statement but proof abounds as to it’s accuracy. As the diameter of the bulb gets smaller and each generation of bulb gets improved, the amount and quality of light (color rendition and lumens) increases considerably. It actually improves to the point that one T-5 bulb with it’s unique smart ballast built in and a well designed reflector will produce more lumens than two of the old T-12 bulbs. This provides the opportunity to de-lamp fixtures and actually provide more and better light with a 50-70% reduction in wattage needed. Since lighting accounts for a considerable amount of the fixed cost of running a business the returns are substantial. This is particularly true for NetZero’s  T-5 LUMINAIRE CONVERSION RETROFIT ADAPTER.  These adapters are designed, manufactured and distributed by NetZero USA, a SolarEnergy USA company.  

The NetZero T-5 lighting retrofit is fully UL approved and extends the UL rating of the existing fixture which a huge advantage and allows your Insurance Agent to sleep well each night. visit NetZero of Wilmington for more information.